Charisse Graber

Certificate IV Performing Arts
Dance Studio Owners Association
Drama Teacher Academy

Charisse Graber Has combined her love of teaching and all things performing arts to create ACTiV Elite Performers. The studio begun when Charisse was just 17 years old and has evolved into a performing arts studio with over 220 students attending weekly.

Over the years Charisse has worked and trained with the Disney Channel, AYT, Brent Street, NIDA and several of Australia’s top casting agencies.


Her students have gone on to perform internationally and nationally from contemporary music to musical theatre.

"Charisse is effortlessly herself that she encourages us to do that through drama and dance."

"Everyone who meets you or hangs around you is blessed. You are such an amazing woman who has the best of interest for everyones. You make everyone around you happy and never fail to make your ACTiv family happy. You are the reason behind all the bonds and friendships created at ACTiv and i am forever grateful. Love you so much."

Charisse believes she has the best job in the world, "there is nowhere in the world like ACTiv. Nowhere on Earth where you find a performing arts school that will appreciate and care for your child like we will."