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Aerial Arts

In aerial arts, children will learn to perform graceful and dynamic movements using two long pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling. They will climb, wrap, and twist themselves into various poses, building strength, flexibility, and coordination.


In lyra, also known as aerial hoop, children will perform beautiful and acrobatic maneuvers on a suspended steel hoop. They will learn to balance, spin, and transition between poses, enhancing their core strength and body awareness.

We also offer a class for adults for a unique and fun way to keep fit!


Both aerial silks and lyra provide a unique and exciting way for children to develop physical fitness, creativity, and confidence in a fun and supportive environment. Our trained instructors ensure safety and progression at each child's own pace.


6pm Beginner Silks

7pm Open (Teens)


11:30am Beginner Silks

12:30pm Elementary Silks

1:30pm Intermediate and Advanced (adv is 90 minutes)

2:30pm Adult Silks

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