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In our classes, your child will learn the fundamentals of ballet, including basic positions, steps, and techniques, all taught through engaging and age-appropriate exercises. Ballet helps children develop grace, balance, and coordination while also improving posture and flexibility. Ballet is also essential for students wanting to pursue dance in the future.


Participating in ballet is important for your child's overall development. It fosters discipline, concentration, and self-expression. The structured environment of ballet classes teaches children the value of practice and perseverance, and the joy of movement and music boosts their confidence and creativity. Our experienced instructors create a nurturing atmosphere where every child can thrive and fall in love with the art of dance.


6:00pm Prep for Pointe

6:30pm Elementary Ballet

7:30pm Intermediate Ballet


5:00pm Junior Ballet

7:00pm - 8:30pm Senior Ballet


10:00am Pre Junior Ballet and Jazz

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