Sassy Gallagher
Sassy Gallagher

I learned to be more comfortable in my own skin. 
- ACTiv Student 2012

ACTiv Elite Performers is the most unique performing arts and 
theatre company on the planet. 
With a very tight knit community vibe,

making a safe and friendly environment for all.

ACTiv's passion is to create confidence through performance, we give our students numerous chances to perform, build on their talent and form close bonds with their like minded peers!


Our reputation for our family orientated studio exceeds all our students expectations and

we hope to make each student feel special, appreciated, and part of our ACTiv family!

You will feel like part of the family in no time!

"I attended ACTiv from the age of 15-22 as both a student and a teacher. I can honestly say that not only was it an amazing drama, dance and acting school but it also became my family and I know that it will forever stay that way. There is no other place that can bring out a students confidence like ACTiv does and every student absolutely shines. I can't recommend this place more! Definitely the place to be for any students of any age who want a safe, comforting and positive environment to learn the performing arts." - Arna Stoupas - Professional Country Musician


Hand picked students in training to be the next ACTiv teachers!

"ACTiv's founder Charisse and her wonderful teachers have made such a supportive environment for the students there and they imbue the kids with a great passion for the arts. They teach the value of teamwork, focus, and build confidence on stage."


ACTiv Elite Performers

Studio)  206 Railway Parade Kogarah 2217

Studio) 02 8084 1818