Junior Tap n Jazz

"ACTiv is a great environment for kids of all ages and experience to have fun through dance, drama and song. My shy 6 year old daughter gained so much confidence in just 1 week. Now she can't wait for the term to start. Highly recommended."

Hayley - ACTiv Mum since 2015


"ACTiv Elite is the best place I have ever been to. It is such a fun learning environment and everyone there is so kind. I have enjoyed coming here a lot and I would definitely recommend coming here to other people who want to do performing arts or any type of dancing like as jazz, rug rats , ballet or contemporary."

Prithila - ACTiv student 2020

"ACTiv Elite Performers is a place that you will never forget. It brings me so much joy, laughter and happiness. The skill and precision is exceptional. The staff are enthusiastic and the students are so talented. ACTiv is the place to be!"

Leah - ACTiv student since 2018

"I attended ACTiv from the age of 15-22 as both a student and a teacher. I can honestly say that not only was it an amazing drama, dance and acting school but it also became my family and I know that it will forever stay that way. There is no other place that can bring out a students confidence like ACTiv does and every student absolutely shines. I can't recommend this place more! Definitely the place to be for any students of any age who want a safe, comforting and positive environment to learn the performing arts."


Arna Stoupas 

"My daughter started at ACTiv Elite just over a year ago. She was welcomed warmly, encouraged in all aspects of drama and singing, and has now started dance classes there. The teachers are fantastic, and the other children are all positive and encourage each other, which is a testament to the great teachers. Above all she has made great friendships and looks forward every week to going there."

Louise - ACTiv Mum since 2014

"Activ has helped me grow not only as a performer but person. Doing acting singing and acting has really helped with being more confident and pushing past my anxiety. Absolutely love the people!! it is such a supportive environment. I am so grateful to be spending my 10th year with my activ family."

Ruby - ACTiv student since 2011

"Highly recommended! Here's what my two daughters, 7 and 8 years old, have to say.
"It is a great school with great classes. I really enjoy it and I do my best everyday. It is so much fun and I get so excited every-time I go to Activ Elite. I love the costumes, concerts and the teachers!"

"I love Activ because its fun and has a great teacher - Miss Charisse! It's my favourite and best dance school ever!"

Nina - ACTiv Mum since 2014

"I have worked in the entertainment industry for nearly 15 years now. I have seen my fair share of performing arts “schools”. I was very impressed with the professional standard and dedication of the teaching staff at ACTiv. The staff were extremely dedicated to upholding their reputation for high production values. I was delighted to be invited to teach a puppetry and vocal workshop. The students ranged from 8-18 and were consummate little professionals, each with his or her own set of skills and knowledge base. The children have definitely received grounding from all the staff at ACTiv. My special mention goes to Ms Charisse Graber, whose professionalism and enthusiasm for what she does is not only captivating but contagious. From what I have seen so far, we should all expect big things from such a little lady. Well done to everyone at ACTiv and I look forward to working with you again soon."

Noah Sharwood – Director/Producer/Entertainment Professional

activ xmas concert 2019-351_edited_edite
ACTiv Ballerina

"We are here from the United States where my daughter had taken classes from other studios. I have to say that I am beyond impressed with Activ Elite!! The teachers are amazing and very professional. It is a very welcoming and fun environment. My daughter absolutely loves going here and as a parent it is not a chore but something we look forward to doing. I highly recommend Activ."

Teresa - ACTiv Mum 2018

"As a former student and then staff member at ACTiv - I learnt the value of teamwork, focus, and built my confidence in my own ability on stage and behind the scenes. As well, it informed my strengths and my ideas about where I could look for a career in the entertainment industry. The founder Charisse and her teachers have made such a supportive environment for the students there and they imbue the kids with a great passion for the arts."

James Carr - Symmetry Media

"My 7 year old son has been attending Activ drama classes for 2 terms now and he loves it! We send him to a large number of extra curricula activities and he tells me that drama at Activ remains his favourite. This is a HUGE thing for him to say as he has always been a shy child and was extremely reluctant to attend the first class but Charisse, Josh and the other teachers there made him feel so comfortable and at ease and played so many fun games that he couldn't wait to attend the next class. He has grown from a child refusing to stand up in front of class to someone who puts up their hand voluntarily to do class presentations. He used to get scared of asking for things at restaurants but is now the "speaker" for the family during outings. I was so amazed a few months ago when he said he wants to take part in the Activ concert and be on stage like the other kids. I cannot thank Activ enough for bringing him out of his shell. And the best thing about Activ is that Charisse and the entire team of teachers and staff are extremely personable and easy to talk to. Going to Activ feels like being part of a big family. Not only for my son but also for us parents. Activ is unlike any other performing arts school. You make everyone feel comfortable and welcome, down to the minute detail of having sanitary products in the bathroom for those awkward moments in life! I think I have rambled on a bit too much... final words: high recommended!"

Maree - ACTiv Mum 2017 

ACTive Elite first day edited photos-47.jpg

"We are so happy we found ACTiv Elite Performers. The teachers are amazing and are focused on letting each students personalities shine. We love being party of the Activ Family💕
Thank you Charisse and Activ family for creating an amazing Dance studio."

Sylvia - ACTiv Mum since 2016

ACTive Elite first day edited photos-088.jpg

"We highly recommend ACTiv Elite Performers. Mary-anne felt at home from the first day she walked into the studio. Charisse and her staff have made Mary-Anne feel part of the  ACTiv family. My daughter loves doing hip hop and drama lessons weekly and can not get enough of these lessons. She has excelled in her confidence, gained friendships, loves the staff. It is the best decision to join Activ."

Mary Sadeik Singh - ACTiv Mum since 2019