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Why Wear A Ballet Bun?

Updated: Mar 24

Ballet is an art form that dates back to the fifteenth century, and you can bet that even back then ballerina's wore their hair in a bun. But what does wearing your hair in a bun actually do? You'd be surprised how beneficial it is . . .

Before photography, early depictions of ballerinas show they wear their hair in buns.

Ballet is a very technical style that requires a large amount of concentration, precision and discipline. There's no time to worry about your hair in your eyes whilst you're trying to perfect pirouettes. Wearing a bun keeps your hair out of your face, so you can focus on technique. It also prevents hair from getting in your eyes whilst turning. Buns are also worn during performances so moving hair does not cause any complications during your routine, or distract audience members from the amazing job you're doing.

Wearing a ballet bun is not only helpful for ballet dancers, but for their teachers as-well. Having hair off of the upper body allows teachers to observe posture and provide correction. If you are also doing partner work, wearing a bun also prevents partners from being hit by moving hair.

The final reason as to why ballerinas wear buns is because of tradition. Wearing a bun shows respect to all the ballet dancers/teachers that came before, honouring their hard work and skill. After all, ballet is a dance style that has survived hundreds of years because of its tradition.

Want to create your perfect ballet bun? See our tips and tricks.

Bad posture is concealed by hair covering the upper body.

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