Get Online!

ACTiv understands that times are tough right now. The uncertain and unprecedented lifestyle we are adapting to is causing great stress and anxiety on us all.

And we need to look out for each other.

That's why we are so passionate about our online classes! 

A chance for escape

An opportunity to express

A goal to achieve

And something to get your out of your pj's!

ACTiv is offering discounted classes to help families affected by COVID19.

Choose between

1 on 1 Private Lessons for 30 minutes


Small Group Classes for 30 minutes

All classes offered in the same genres and the same amazing staff you love at ACTiv!

"These classes are the highlight of her day." 

"My daughter had been a bit down the last few days, your lesson really made her happy." 

"We are so grateful to ACTiv Elite Performers for providing these alternate classes."

Uniform Orders

"We are over the moon. Our son enjoys his drama class so much and always has a smile on his face."

ACTiv Elite Performers

Studio)  206 Railway Parade Kogarah 2217

Studio) 02 8084 1818