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Dance Classes

Dance Classes in Carlton, NSW

Dance classes offer many benefits to children that can help them develop physically, mentally and emotionally. For example, dance classes provide a fun and energetic outlet of physical activity that helps build strength and coordination. Through dance instruction, kids also learn important skills such as discipline and focus which aids in concentration and memory retention. Furthermore, dance classes are known to be highly social environments where children are encouraged to work together in order to achieve common goals - fostering teamwork and collaboration skills. In addition, dance class provides an opportunity for creative self-expression allowing kids to explore their own personal style and gain confidence in the process. 


If you are looking for dance classes around Carlton, NSW, come to ACTiv Elite Performers. Our dance studio provides dance classes for all ages and skill levels. Our dance classes are designed to help you master the basics of dance and build a strong foundation for improving your technique. We offer a variety of dance styles such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and more in order to give each student an opportunity to find the style best suited to their individual needs. We believe that dance should be accessible to everyone no matter what age or ability they have and strive to create a positive learning environment where our students can feel comfortable while pursuing their dance goals. Our dance studio emphasizes the importance of technique while still focusing on having fun and creating a supportive environment where all students can explore their creativity. 


At ACTiv Elite Performers, our goal is to provide dance classes that not only help you learn how to dance but also encourage self-expression and creative exploration. With our team of experienced instructors and motivating atmosphere, we are confident that you will leave each dance class feeling energized and inspired! Contact us to learn more about our dance studio today!

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