Tumbling, cartwheels, handstands and so much more! Learn the proper techniques to nail these tricks! Strength and conditioning training are also an important part of this class to assist in execution and wow your friends!



The foundation of all dance, strong focus on technique and correct placement. Ballet is a slower moving class but a very important skill for all dancers, it’s great for toning, improving flexibility, strength, posture and a great class for all ages. Our teachers attempt to make ballet more interesting for our younger students because we believe strongly in it’s great foundation.


Creative and expressive movement using strong ballet base, dancers often perform with barefeet and use the floor. Great for all ages who enjoy being creative and working to all styles of music.

Hip Hop 

Dancing to popular music, this is a style great for fitness and great for fun there is no core training or experience necessary to dominate this style. Be prepared for lots of isolations and booty shaking!


Fast paced and fun, your jazz dance class will help you become and fit and flexible dancer. Learn kicks, turns and jumps and other great jazz dance techniques.

Musical Theatre

Just like a jazz class but adding elements of drama and singing to your performances. Past classes have done routines from Kinky Boots, Hamilton, Six just to name a few.


Learn to stomp, shuffle, knock and wing in this class. Try the class out with sneakers to see if you enjoy it and then buy your taps once you decide this is the style you love!

Technique - Kicks, Turns, Jumps

Great class for those wanting to improve their dance technique or for people who haven't danced in a while. Learn how to get your legs stronger, turns neater and jumps higher.

Wednesday 8pm - 9pm