Adriana is a dedicated, enthusiastic and dynamic individual who is passionate about getting the best from her students whilst creating a safe and enjoyable environment. Over the past 13 years she has been dancing competitively and has completed her Cert IV in elite performance, her Diploma in Musical Theatre and Cert IV in teaching and management at Village Nation, learning from the industries best choreographers and performers that she has gained an extensive amount of knowledge in a variety of dance styles both technically and choreographically. Adriana’s goal is to help the ACTiv Elite Performers students achieve their goals either recreationally or at a elite competitive level. Adriana is a bubbly individual as well as a team player who has a huge desire and passion to become the best possible teacher and educator for her students leading by example that hard work and dedication anything is possible as well as passing down her passion for dance. She is honoured and thrilled to be joining the ACTiv Elite Performers team in 2020.

"Adriana is really nice and funny! The way she taught me technique improved my tricks so that it was much better and easier than what I was doing before!"

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